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Introducing IDist, an Intelligent Cross Asset Price Distribution Platform. REQUEST A DEMO


iDist is an intelligent cross asset price distribution platform for banks to distribute treasury and capital market instruments to their customers at a low cost of ownership. The solution has out of the box connectivity to multiple liquidity providers and treasury systems. REQUEST A DEMO

Solution Highlights

1.) Cross-Asset Platform
2.) Multi-Channels - Web/Mobile/Branch
3.) Powered by Chatbots
4.) AI supported Contextual and Customized Interactions
5.) Flexible Trading Models
6.) Intelligent trade suggestions using Machine Learning
7.) 360 degree view of customer
8.) Open API/Micro Services driven architecture
9.) Available as a white label
10.) Drop Copy available as standalone module
11.) Cloud Enabled - for evaluation access CONTACT US



Trxiea depML platform provides a framework to fast-track the adoption of Machine Learning to your use case by providing tools for rapid prototyping, deployment, integration with your core workflows.
Some of the business use cases we can help with:
1.) Risk/Compliance Management - Detecting anomalies and dangerous patterns proactively
2.) Credit - Challenges of determining creditworthiness, updating creditworthiness dynamically
3.) Product Strategy- Determining actionable patterns and analytics for product strategy group
4.) Customer segmentation and targeted interactions. CONTACT US to know more.

AI Powered Chatbots

Trxiea iChat uses proprietary NLP algorithms that can automate customer conversations. This will ensure customers have access to information round the clock resulting in greater satisfaction. CONTACT US to know more.


Leveraging Blockchain

Trxiea has built up technical expertise in multiple blockchain platforms. We can assist organizations in rapid prototyping of business use cases, eventually resulting in an industry grade product. Be it for consultancy, PoC engagement or a general discussion feel free to CONTACT US.


Trxiea offers Blockahain Traceability platform, iTrace - targeted at organic food, traditional medicines, and pharmaceutical supply chains
Currently, end to end Traceability of the produce in food and pharmaceutical supply chain has challenges of:
1. Lack of Certainty in terms of quality and timeliness of produce
2. Lack of Transparency and visibility across various stages of supply chain
3. Challenges of Counterfeit products, Fraud, and Negligence
4. Information asymmetry

Blockchain has potential to address the challenges of implementing Traceability in a decentralized fashion and potential to democratize the whole process. iTrace comprises of three key building blocks: first, sensors which capture the quality data at each stage and vet the data against certification body’s benchmarks. Second, blockchain provides data security and verifiability – providing a tamperproof and immutable mechanism. And third, smart contract to manage the produce flow from farm to end customer and with a potential to manage commercial transactions between counterparties. The end customers access the Traceability data through a mobile App which fetches relevant data when QR code/ Bar Code tag on the produce is scanned through the App. CONTACT US to know more.


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